What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula comes with endless resources, support, and guidance during the transition into first time parenthood and during expansion of future children. Postpartum doulas are a resource tool available from the first few weeks to several months postpartum.

When does a postpartum doula offer support?
Postpartum doulas work with you during those first moments at home, typically ranging from a couple weeks to a couple months. Postpartum doulas provide unbiased, evidence-based information and create a safe space for you to feel comfortable and cared for. You will receive assistance with newborn care, light household tidying, food preparation, lactation, laundry, and more. In addition, postpartum doulas provide critical support during the often-overlooked "fourth trimester."

When should I hire a postpartum doula?

This depends on you and how you foresee meeting your postpartum needs. Some families hire a postpartum doula while they are still pregnant. Maybe a previous experience has encouraged them to secure a postpartum doula early on. Other families start their postpartum journey on their own and then decide they would benefit from a doula or maybe they wanted to wait to see if they would require the support. The timing of when you hire a postpartum doula is completely up to you! Even if you do not hire one ahead of time, researching and knowing your options while pregnant can be helpful should you end up searching for one after you give birth.

How does a postpartum doula work with the family?

Working with your family means that the doula offers encouragement, advice, and guidance as everyone navigates the new transition. Support for the family often looks like suggestions for bottle feeding and bath time, help with preparing dinner, and more. Yes, a professionally trained postpartum doula makes you the priority. This includes your mental and emotional health, your physical healing from birth, and your sleep. When you feel your baby is taken care of, the kitchen is organized, and your lunch is made, your overall well-being has a chance to feel rested and cared for.

Who uses postpartum doula support?
First-time parents, parents of multiples, parents during cesarean section recovery, parents who are breastfeeding, parents with other young children, parents at risk for or experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety, parents of premature babies, parents of babies with colic or reflux, parents of babies with special needs, and parents with no family nearby. We serve families of all shapes and sizes, from every walk of life and all cultures. Single parents by choice, LGBTQ+, adoptive parents, and families welcoming their babies through surrogacy are commonplace for us. 

What hours do you typically provide care?
Each family's needs are unique. Therefore, your experience and schedule with your postpartum doula should be unique and individualized to fit you and your family. Depending on your needs, your schedule may include day or night shifts (maybe even both!), ranging from 4 to 12 hours in length, and even longer if needed!

What areas do you serve?
We serve Belmont, Denver, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Huntersville, Statesville, Cornelius, Newton, Gastonia, Mount Holly, Kannapolis, Concord, Pineville, Charlotte, Fort Mill, Clover, Lake Wylie, Indian Trail, Monroe, Matthews, Waxhaw, Weddington, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, and more!